Habit #4 : Think Win-Win

Have you ever used Habit 4 Think Win-Win? Well, in my life I try to use Habit 4 as much as I can. For example, if my brother wants to borrow something then I will let him use it. In chapter four of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids book, Lily plants a garden and she thinks win-win.

Can you make a connection or relate to a time you used habit #4 think win-win. Habit 4 think win-win means to have an open mind and be creative!

For example, I have a friend named Ashley and one day we wanted to play a game. But guess what? Ashley wanted to play Hide and Go Seek and I wanted to play Tag. So we both decided we needed to be creative and play a game we both can agree on.

Then my mom said, “How about you all play “Hide and Go Tag”. We were both so happy we could agree on a game. It turns out it was a really fun game, you should try it some time? Now, that you know about Habit 4 next time you get into a really sticky situation, you can use Think Win-Win!



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