App Review: Mee Genius


Mee Genius is an app for the iPad that allows students (4-6) practice reading. Mee Genius will let you read a book or it can read it to you. This app is good because students can learn at their own pace. Mee Genius is a great way for students to read at home or own at school.


App Review: Math Ninja

mathninjaMath Ninja is a game that shows you the world of math! This game provides: Multiplication, Division, Adding, and Subtracting as ways to practice math.

Math Ninja has skills, strategy and math. This is a great game for you to play. If your child is having a hard time in math, Math Ninja is there for you! It is free in the app store. Math Ninja is putting First things First for your kids and making learning fun for your child and for you!