Book Review: The 5th Wave

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.04.35 PMThe 5th Wave is a book about aliens invading earth. In this book, the humans have to use many of the Seven Habits to survive.

The main habit that I want to focus on from the story is Be Proactive. Be Proactive is the first habit. In one scene, a sniper is shooting a 50. caliber round at one of the good guys named Cassie. Cassie has to find cover, which in her case is under a Buick. When Cassie was running for the Buick she got shot by the sniper. She uses a belt to survive by tying it around her leg to slow the blood loss.

While Cassie is under the car she also has a handgun near her. She keeps an M16 by her side. She waits under the car until she has the cover of darkness to escape. She does this so she will not be followed.

This is just a part of the story of how the book The 5th Wave and the characters in the story use the Seven Habits.  


“The 7 Habits of Happy Kids” – Book Review

Chapter 1 – Bored! Bored! Bored!

The first chapter of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids is about being proactive. Sammy the Squirrel was, “Bored! Bored! Bored!” Sammy was not in the mood for tinkering around with his broken toys, radios, and cell phones.

Sammy decided to go and visit his friends for advice. He couldn’t think of anything to do and he was bored. At every stop, his friends asked him if he wanted to do what they wanted to do, but he always refused.

Eventually, Sammy went to his Grandmama’s house for advice. She had a broken radio and Sammy had a great idea. Sammy wanted to help out his grandmama with her broken radio so he did some hammering, screwing in bolts and painting the radio in its original form. Sammy was so happy that he decided to give it to Allie.

Allie loved the radio and and Sammy felt good because he was proactive. When you are proactive, you are in charge of yourself and you choose how you act.

Chapter 2 – Goob and the Bug-Collecting Kit…..coming soon!!

Bear Says Thanks


Bear Says Thanks is a good book because it teaches kids how to say thank you to someone who does something nice for you. This book also shows you how to use the 7 Habits because Bear uses the 7 Habits. I liked how Bear confessed that he didn’t have any food to give the animals that gave him food earlier.