Habit 3 Put First Things First

Have you ever tried to do something but you don’t do it in time? That’s why you should use Habit 3 Put first things first.

One Saturday afternoon, I was at my house and my neighbor came to the door. She asked me if I would clean her yard for $45. The only catch was that it had to be done by Tuesday. Since it was Saturday, that gave me plenty of time to do it……at least that’s what I thought.Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.50.00 PM

The next day I was playing games and I thought about the job. It was only Sunday, so i thought cleaning the yard could wait another day. So I just kept on playing my games!

When I went to school the next day, I noticed my neighbor was talking about how he wanted a new watch, But he needed money.

On Tuesday I completely forgot to clean my neighbors yard until I went to school and my other neighbor had a new watch. I asked him where he got it. He said he cleaned his neighbor’s yard and got $45. “He took my job!” I thought. “You shouldn’t have put it off!” I scolded myself.

This story is a prime example of why you should always use Habit 3 “Put first things first”.

The End!!!!!


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