Habit #4 : Think Win-Win

Have you ever used Habit 4 Think Win-Win? Well, in my life I try to use Habit 4 as much as I can. For example, if my brother wants to borrow something then I will let him use it. In chapter four of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids book, Lily plants a garden and she thinks win-win.

Can you make a connection or relate to a time you used habit #4 think win-win. Habit 4 think win-win means to have an open mind and be creative!

For example, I have a friend named Ashley and one day we wanted to play a game. But guess what? Ashley wanted to play Hide and Go Seek and I wanted to play Tag. So we both decided we needed to be creative and play a game we both can agree on.

Then my mom said, “How about you all play “Hide and Go Tag”. We were both so happy we could agree on a game. It turns out it was a really fun game, you should try it some time? Now, that you know about Habit 4 next time you get into a really sticky situation, you can use Think Win-Win!



Habit 3 Put First Things First

Have you ever played video games for a week, then when the big test comes you get bad grade? Well that is because you did not use Habit 3. You should have studied then played games. This is also known as “putting first things first”.

In the 7 Habits Book, Pokey your spiny friend laid in his hammock all week, not studying, and he got an F. Next week he studied all week and got an A. So put first things first and don’t be stuck in the F town. How will you put first things first?

Field Day is Coming! Field Day is Coming!

Did you know that Field Day is coming? I hope you do! I know that I am super exited for my Field Day, and I really hope that you are exited for your field day, too.

There is a question that I think you will ask, if you haven’t asked it already. When is field day? K-5 through 1st grade will have field day on Tuesday, May 13th. 2nd and 3rd grade field day is on Wednesday, May 14th. 4th and 5th grade field day is on Wednesday, May 15th.

I’m pretty sure that we are having the same activities as we did in the past, like the Bat Spin, Helicopter, and Balloon Pop. We will also have other fun activities that day! I’m looking forward to it. Are you excited for your Field Day?

Habit #6 Synergize

To me, Habit #6 Synergize, means to work together, value other peoples strengths and learn from and about them. Working together is better for your life. It helps you, so that when you meet someone new you can learn to help each other you won’t make fun of them and laugh at them. Also you can work together and have some experience for when you work with others and you can help others and not make them mad or be mean. When I interviewed Mr. Swann said,”To me synergizing is when two or more people work together for a common cause. For example, Mrs. Taylor and I synergize when we work together on our plan for the learning Commons.” so why wont you use synergize and work together while doing your work.